TeethWhiteningGet the Whiter Teeth and Healthier Smile You’ve Always Wanted!

Cestria Dental Practice is pleased to offer a popular and cost-effective home whitening system, that really works!

Your smile is the way you greet the world. Why not put your best self forward with the confidence of a more beautiful smile?

When it comes to whitening, your dentist is your safest option, delivering the best results. Only dental professionals have access to the professional-strength whitening products supplied by Whitewash Laboratories.


Why Whitewash Laboratories?

While other whitening products can harm teeth and gums, using our bespoke home whitening products actually gives you great lustre and protects enamel.    Whiter teeth and improved enamel – NEW Whitewash Laboratories Home Whitening formula has it all!
Our patients want the confidence of a beautiful, radiant smile, at Cestria Dental Practice we use Whitewash products to help them whiten their teeth at home.  These products deliver a noticeably whiter smile after their first use and a radiant smile in just 7 days.   We were delighted to find that our bespoke whitening boxes were showcased at the British Dental Association Conference and Trade show at Birmingham NEC this year!



Cestria Dental Practice Cosmetic Dental Services

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your smile, just ask your dentist what can be done to improve the appearance of your teeth. You may be pleasantly surprised to find out what is now available to correct crooked, worn, heavily filled or discoloured teeth. Cosmetic dentistry can provide an answer for anyone looking to improve their smile and their self-confidence.

Over recent years, new ways of cosmetically improving smiles have been developed, many of which are simpler, quicker and less expensive than the traditional methods. The following are some of the most popular cosmetic dental treatment options:

Composite bonding

Teeth sometimes lose their outer enamel surface through chipping, cracks or acid erosion. The tooth appears more yellow because of the darker dentine layer becoming more visible. This is easily treated by bonding composite (a natural shaded filling material) onto the tooth surface (without the need for local anaesthetic or drilling). Once sculpted into shape, the composite is hardened, reshaped and then polished for an ideal smile.


An increasingly popular procedure, veneers are ultra-thin, custom-made porcelain laminates that are fixed directly to the teeth. Porcelain veneers require less tooth reduction than crowns and are therefore a popular, less invasive option for closing gaps, straightening crowding or disguising discoloured teeth.

White fillings

Most people choose to have a white filling placed when an old amalgam (metal) filling requires replacement (provided there is enough sound tissue remaining for bonding on to). Some people electively decide to have all of their old amalgam fillings replaced, either one at a time or by quadrant.


Porcelain bridges are made from a new porcelain material which is cast from molten porcelain. They are then built up to completely recreate your missing tooth/teeth. They are usually provided at the front where aesthetics are of prime concern and where biting forces are somewhat less.

Adhesive bridges as the name suggests are bonded to adjacent teeth. They are more conservative when compared to other bridge types since they usually don’t involve the drilling of adjacent teeth. They can be made of all porcelain, porcelain bonded to metal or composite resin.

Porcelain Bonded bridges are made from porcelain which is fused to a precious metal core. The metal core provides additional strength and is usually prescribed at the back of the mouth where biting forces are higher and aesthetics are not of prime concern. They involve the preparation of the adjacent teeth.

Metal bridges are usually made of a gold alloy. They are used in situations where the bite is very tight and there is little clearance against the opposite jaw.


Crowns made from porcelain, or fibre-reinforced resin, are bonded to your existing tooth. These crowns have a lifelike translucency, they’re metal-free and they provide the closest match to your existing teeth.

Porcelain onlays are similar to bonded porcelain crowns but, unlike crowns, an onlay only covers the chewing surface of the tooth. By fitting an onlay, we preserve more of the original tooth and keep the crown as far away from the gum as possible as this conserves healthy tooth structure and reduces gum inflammation. At Cestria Dental Practice we use Ivoclar Vivadent e-max systems which provide optimized aesthetic properties creating all-ceramic restorations that offer the most true-to-nature results.

Porcelain crowns fused to metal are porcelain crowns with a metal substructure. They are stronger than crowns made entirely of porcelain but they lack the translucency of natural teeth and, in some cases, a dark line is visible between the crown and the gum.


Dentures replace missing teeth and the associated gum tissue. They are custom-made to look natural and stable in your mouth but also allowing them to be easily removed. Our dentures are made to the highest quality and great effort is made to match your own natural teeth. They improve your appearance, make it easier to chew food and help you to speak more clearly.